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Dozens killed in Egypt soccer riot


Soccer fans flee from a fire at Port Said Stadium on Wednesday. Seventy-three people were killed and at least 1,000 injured on Wednesday after a soccer pitch invasion in the Egyptian city of Port Said, a health ministry official said, in an incident that one player described as "a war, not football".


Riot police guard Al Ahli soccer players as they flee Port Said Stadium on Wednesday.


A policeman arrests an injured rioting soccer fan as chaos erupts at a soccer stadium in Port Said city, in Egypt on Wednesday.

From the full story, which reports a health ministry official's claim that 73 people died:

Ahly player Mohamed Abo Treika described the violence as war.

"This is not football. This is a war and people are dying in front of us. There is no movement and no security and no ambulances," he told the Ahly television channel. "I call for the premier league to be canceled. This is horrible situation and today can never be forgotten."

At least 73 people have been killed in violence following a soccer match in Egypt. NBC's Ayman Mohyeldin reports.