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Punxsutawney Phil stuffs the competition

Karen Bleier / AFP - Getty Images

Children take a look at Potomac Phil in Washington, DC, on Thursday, Feb. 2.

Karen Bleier / AFP - Getty Images

Cookies in the shape of a groundhog are served before Potomac Phil.

Punxsutawney Phil better watch his back when he’s not looking for his shadow. He’s got a competitor pining for the spotlight, but there's a twist.

When daylight broke over central Pennsylvania this morning, a doppelganger 250 miles away was imitating the longstanding tradition.

A small crowd gathered in Washington DC today to see what “Potomac Phil” would do. To set the mood, polka music was played, AP said.

Though if the real and renowned rodent is concerned about being overthrown by his beltway imitator, he should rest a bit easier knowing that Potomac Phil is dead.

Potomac Groundhog club founder Aaron DeNu said the stuffed version of Phil saw his shadow during the first annual Dupont Circle Groundhog Day celebration a ceremony, meaning DC residents should brace for six more weeks of winter.

The club is hoping to begin its own Ground Hog Day tradition... but are looking to find a live groundhog for the next celebration.

Karen Bleier / AFP - Getty Images

Potomac Phil, a taxidermied groundhog brought out to determine whether or not he sees his shadow during the 1st annual Dupont Circle Ground Hog Day celebration in Washington, DC, on Thursday, Feb. 2.