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The Week in Pictures: Jan. 26 - Feb. 2

Ali Ali / EPA

Palestinian playtime in the Gaza Strip, a chilly plunge in Maryland, fleeing a bull in Mexico, young Gandhi lookalikes in India and more.


A soccer fan flees from a fire at Cairo Stadium on Feb. 1, 2012. Crowds set parts of the stadium on fire in reaction to play on the field during a soccer match held at the Egyptian city of Port Said. At least 70 people were killed and hundreds of others injured on Wednesday after a soccer pitch invasion in Port Said, healthy ministry sources said, in an incident that one player described as "a war, not football".

The final edit for The Week in Pictures can sometimes be a little unpleasant. Each of us often has a favorite picture or two, and we lobby hard for them. We do our best to keep it professional, but photography is a visceral thing - it makes you care. Having a group of photo editors choose the best pictures each week sometimes boils down to personal perspectives and how well someone can argue their point during a fluid discussion. Sometimes I struggle to find the words during our editing sessions. That usually means one of my favorite pictures doesn’t make the cut.

I believe each of us would admit that losing one of those arguments isn’t easy; but we’re convinced that the final product is better because of the process we follow. We often say to each other, “This should hurt a little.”

The picture (at right) of the soccer field riot in Egypt is the one that I regret not having in this week’s slideshow.

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