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Australian town cut in half by record floods

Brad Hunter / Pool via AFP - Getty Images

An aerial photo shows an extensively flooded area in the New South Wales town of Moree on Feb. 3, 2012. More than 10,000 Australians were stranded by flooding in the country's east, with thousands ordered to leave their homes or businesses and the military called in to airlift supplies.

Wolter Peeters / EPA

Floodwaters inundate property in Moree on Feb. 3, 2012. The Mehi river near the town is expected to swell up to levels not seen since 1976.

Brad Hunter / Pool via Reuters

Floodwaters are seen near the town of Moree on Feb. 3, 2012.


Military helicopters evacuated stranded residents from Australian towns inundated by summer floods on Friday, Reuters reports, and authorities warned of further flash flooding.

More than 11,000 people in Queensland state have been isolated by the flooding and thousands had been evacuated, emergency services authorities said.

The town of Moree, the centre of the region's cotton growing, has been cut in half by record floodwaters, while authorities are using helicopters to relocate 300 people already at an evacuation center in the outback town of Roma to higher ground. Read the full story.