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Rare animals sold for traditional medicine near tourist site in Myanmar


Rungroj Yongrit / EPA

A photo made available on Monday shows a Myanmar vendor presenting a tiger skull (for selling its teeth) next to the head of a goral and other medicinal products made from wildlife at a stall near the tourist site of Kyaikhtiyo Pagoda (also known as Golden Rock Pagoda )at Kyaik Hto township, Mon State, Myanmar. Several stalls and shops illegally selling rare animals products used in some Asian medicines. The goral skull is boiled for oil and used as a remedy for human bone ailments. Illegal poaching, hunting and trafficking of rarest animals such as serow, goral, tiger, bear and snake for sale and supplying wildlife to China consumption and use as traditional medicine has been a key cause of a precipitous decline in the wild of these endangered species across Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam.

Rungroj Yongrit / EPA

Foreign tourists walk by rare animals sold as medicine at a stall near the tourist site of Kyaikhtiyo Pagoda, also known as Golden Rock Pagoda.

If you've not heard of a goral before, here's a Wikipedia article describing the animal.

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