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Honduras prison fire victims heal, grieve, seek answers

Estbean Felix / AP

Two men prepare graves for their family members; inmates Renan and Jose Martinez, who died in a prison fire this week, in Comayagua, Honduras on Feb. 17.

Honduras came under international pressure on Friday to fix its broken prison system and allow an independent inquiry into a jailhouse blaze that occurred in Comayagua this week that killed more than 350 inmates, many burned alive in their cells.

The blaze, the third major prison fire in Honduras in the last decade, has ramped up scrutiny of the Central American nation's corrupt judicial system. Almost half the inmates in its overcrowded jails have not been convicted and are awaiting trial, according to data from the Supreme Court of Honduras.

Prison guards used cell phones to take pictures of surviving inmates to show them to relatives who turned up asking to see their loved ones. But some were still left without answers.

-- Reuters contributed to this blog post

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Estbean Felix / AP

A prison inmate being treated for injuries sustained in the Comayagua, Honduras prison fire, looks out a hospital window on Feb. 17.

Jorge Dan Lopez / Reuters

Felix Canales reacts in front of the coffin of his friend Oswaldo Ortega Varela, 28, who died in the Feb. 14 Comayagua prison blaze on Feb. 17.