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Flowers bloom in an early sign of spring

Matthias Hiekel / AFP - Getty Images

Crocuses are covered with raindrops on Feb. 28 in Dresden, eastern Germany. First signs of spring come up across the country.

Ali Jarekji / Reuters

A bee collects pollen from an almond blossom in early spring at park in Amman, Jordan, on Feb. 28.

Just a few weeks ago Europe was going through a bitter winter, which seemed to have no end in sight. Now, the first signs of spring are popping up with blooming crocuses, and there are still three weeks left before the official start of spring.

We have experienced a mild winter so far in the New York City area, and while the lack of snow is a little disappointing, it does not keep me from eagerly anticipating the warmer weather.

Are you looking forward to the spring? Still want more winter? Take a look at some of the best winter images this season in our slideshow:

Petr Josek / Reuters

Winter has arrived with chilling force in many parts of North America, Europe and Asia.