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Early St. Pat's Day? No, a chemical spill

Stefan Rampfel / AFP - Getty Images

Strollers look at the green colored Grone creek near Goettingen, central Germany, on March 2. After a fire in a storage building in Goettingen's industrial district, chemicals were released and arrived at the creek together with the fire fighting water.

Stefan Rampfel / EPA

A young man stands between two streams in Goettingen, central Germany, on March 2. On the right is a green colored stream which is the result of released chemicals due to a fire at a storage facility nearby and flushed into the stream by water used to extinguish the fire. According to police, the chemicals were harmless.

While the German police claim the chemicals that seeped into the Grone creek are harmless, the neon green water makes me think of ooze that could be capable of turning turtles into crime-fighting ninjas.

Hopefully, the authorities are correct and no animals will face karate-chopping futures.