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Moscovites square off following Putin's re-election


Denis Sinyakov / Reuters

Opposition supporters gather before a protest demanding fair elections in central Moscow, March 5. International monitors said Russia's presidential election was clearly skewed to favor Vladimir Putin, a verdict that could spur more protesters.

Sergei Karpukhin / Reuters

A Russian police officer stands by a barricade as supporters of Russia's Prime Minister Vladimir Putin wave flags during a rally in central Moscow, March 5.

Thousands are gathering in Moscow today following the presidential elections in Russia to show support or protest Vladimir Putin's continued reign. According to the Globe and Mail, some protesters are planning to establish a tent city Monday night similar to those used by Ukrainian protesters during the 2004 Orange Revolution and Egyptian activists on Cairo’s Tahrir Square last year. Such rolling non-stop protests on a central Moscow square – less than a mile from the Kremlin walls – would pose an unprecedented challenge to Mr. Putin’s rule.

Story: 'Serious problems' with vote that kept Vladimir Putin in power, monitors say