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Super Tuesday voters hit polling stations early

Joe Raedle / Getty Images, Toby Talbot / AP, David Maxwell / EPA

Super Tuesday voting. From left:
A polling station setup in Froehlich's Classic Corner, Ohio.
A voter casts his ballot in Montpelier, Vt.
Justin Blake prepares to vote at the town hall in Rootstown, Ohio.

Here's the skinny on Super Tuesday courtesy of msnbc.com's First Read:

Eleven states across the country will hold contests awarding a combined 424 delegates. Here are the 11 contests, plus the delegates at stake in each: Alaska caucus (24), Georgia primary (76), Idaho caucus (32), Massachusetts primary (38), North Dakota caucus (28), Ohio primary (63), Oklahoma primary (40), Tennessee primary (55), Vermont primary (17), Virginia primary (46), and Wyoming caucus (5 of its 26 are elected tonight).

The GOP presidential candidates have different strategies and strongholds in these 11 races. Romney hopes to lock down his home state of Massachusetts, Vermont, Virginia (where only he and Paul are on the ballot), and Idaho. Santorum is expecting wins in Oklahoma and Tennessee. Gingrich has focused on his home state of Georgia. And Paul has concentrated on the caucuses in Alaska, Idaho, and North Dakota, as well as the primary in Vermont.

 Download the NBC News Guide to Super Tuesday (opens PDF).

John Amis / AP

Mary Lou Andrews stops to fill out a voter certification card as others go in to Medlock Bridge Elementary School to cast their ballots in the Republican primary in Johns Creek, Ga., on March 6, 2012.