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First women's internet cafe opens in Kabul

Jawad Jalali / EPA

Afghan women use the internet after the opening of the first women's internet cafe in Kabul, Afghanistan on Thursday. Afghan Women For Change Group opened a net cafe naming it after Afghan woman Sahargul, who was subject to severe domestic violence by her husband in Baghlan province and made news. According to a UN figure, about one-third of Afghan women are exposed to physical or psychological violence.

Jawad Jalali / EPA

Another view of the cafe's interior.

From a story on the Voice of America, reporting that YoungWomen4Change run the cafe as a safe place to exchange information without unwanted attention from men:

"We are very pleased that we are inaugurating this cafe, which is located in a safe location and safe environment," said Eqlima Muradi. "This paves the way for women to come to our cafe and use our facilities."

The brightly-painted cafe is named after Sahar Gul, a teenaged girl who gained international attention after police found her severely beaten in her husband's house in northern Baghlan province.  Gul accused her husband and in-laws of torturing her.