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Yemeni children denied access to quality education as result of country's conflict

From an October 2011 UNICEF report by Mohammed Al-Asaadi:

The sound of artillery and scenes of violence and bloodshed on TV causes stress and disturbs children’s behavior, said Mohammed Al-Hemyari, a secondary school teacher in Al-Karda’ee. “My students have become more aggressive and come to class unable to focus, even though they say they love coming back to school.”

In Yemen, 75 percent of boys and only 64 percent of girls receive basic education - the worst such indicators in the region. A Yemeni girl has a 27 percent chance of going to secondary school, whereas a boy her age is almost twice as likely to do so. For girls like Bushra already facing the challenge of overcoming this gender-based disparity, the seemingly endless stretch of violence and conflict which continues to grip their country will only make their chances of achieving an education increasingly tenuous.