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If they build it, will you go?

Dave Kettering / Debuque Telegraph Herald file via AP

People enjoy the "Field of Dreams" baseball field in rural Dyersville, Iowa.

Field of Dreams” is one of the few movies that actually moved me to tears when I saw it in the theater. I know it’s corny, but it still does. I can’t stop myself from watching whenever I run across it while channel surfing late-night television. Who can resist ghosts, baseball and believing in the impossible?

It appears that the town where the movie was shot continues to wrestle with one of the central questions of the movie. Dyersville, Iowa is considering a $38 million plan to turn the farmland around the famous cornfield diamond into a marquee destination for traveling youth baseball teams. While the plan could provide an economic lift to the region, it also has unleashed an emotional battle as the town of 4,000 tries to decide if they should build it.

From the City of Dyersville website:

In 1982, screenwriter Phil Robinson became interested in the novel "Shoeless Joe."  He recognized the potential for this heartwarming story and looked for a setting for the film.  In the early months of 1988, Robinson came upon the Lansing farm near Dyersville and said, "That's it!  That's my farm!"  The movie produced was called "The Field of Dreams," starring Kevin Costner and James Earl Jones.  Today the site is well maintained and visited by many baseball enthusiasts.

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