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Iranians celebrate festival of fire

Atta Kenare / AFP - Getty Images

An Iranian woman holds a firecracker in Tehran on March 13 during the Wednesday Fire ritual, or Chaharshanbeh Soori..

Vahid Salemi / AP

Joyful Iranian men dance around a firework, in the Pardisan Park in Tehran during Chaharshanbe Soori, or Wednesday Feast.

Vahid Salemi / AP

An Iranian woman jumps over a bonfire, in the Pardisan Park in Tehran during Chaharshanbe Souri, or Wednesday Feast.

At schools, in shops, and on the streets of big cities and small towns, daily life plays out in Iran.

Chaharshanbe Soori is the ancient Festival of Fire celebrated on the eve of the last Wednesday of the Iranian year. Iranians jump over burning bonfires while throwing firecrackers to celebrate arrival of spring and the upcoming holiday of Nowruz.

The origin of the festival comes from pre-Islamic Zoroastrianism era and has been discouraged by conservative Islamist rulers since the 1979 Islamic Revolution.

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