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The Week in Pictures: March 8 - 15

A student protester is subdued by police in Colombia, hostesses serve tea to delegates in China, the Northern Lights put on a dazzling display over Iceland and more.

There were a lot of difficult pictures in this week’s edit. Images of conflict in Syria, the West Bank, Baghdad and Afghanistan made it into the final edit, and several of those made it into the published slideshow.

It is difficult to evaluate the visual value of conflict pictures against funny or beautiful images. It’s something we wrestle with almost every week. We often have to keep telling ourselves that the goal is to feature great news pictures. We’re not trying to retell the top stories of the past seven days.

The formal side of our training and picture editing experience is attracted to meaningful moments, great composition and interesting light. Our humanity responds to tears of loss, the love of a precious child or sometimes even an interesting bug. Somewhere in the middle of all that is rational news judgment and a cold desire to be objective, but that is hard because pictures make you care.

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