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Daredevil jumps from 13.6 miles and he's going higher

Jay Nemeth / Red Bull Stratos via AP)

In this photo provided by Red Bull Stratos, Felix Baumgartner prepares to jump during the first manned test flight for Red Bull Stratos over Roswell, N.M. on March 15.

Felix Baumgartner is more than halfway toward his goal of setting a world record for the highest jump. According to a spokesperson, the skydiving daredevil took a practice jump of 13.6 miles over New Mexico from a pressurized capsule carried by a hot air balloon.

Baumgartner is aiming for 23 miles by this summer. The current record, held by Joe Kittinger who jumped from 19.5 miles, was set in 1960.

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Jay Nemeth / Red Bull Stratos via AP

Pilot Felix Baumgartner of Austria prepares to exits the capsule before his jump.

"Fearless Felix" Baumgartner successfully completed a high-altitude jump from 13 miles up, one of only three people to ever jump from that altitude. For comparison, most planes hit cruising altitude at about 5.5 miles up. NBC's Tamron Hall reports.

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