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Occupy protesters gather in New York; arrests follow

John Minchillo / AP

An Occupy Wall Street protestor yells at the police after arrests were made following a march to celebrate the protest's sixth month on Saturday. With the city's attention focused on the huge St. Patrick's Day Parade many blocks uptown, the Occupy rally at Zuccotti Park on Saturday drew a far smaller crowd than the demonstrations seen in the city when the movement was at its peak in the fall. A couple hundred people attended.

Eduardo Munoz / Reuters

NYPD officers clash with members of the Occupy Wall St movement at Zuccotti park in New York on Saturday. Hundreds of Occupy Wall Street activists descended on New York's Zuccotti Park on Saturday night, threatening to re-establish a foothold at the movement's birthplace on the six-month anniversary of its inception and four months after a pre-dawn eviction undercut its momentum.

Police announced Zuccotti Park closed for the evening Saturday after protesters spent the day celebrating a six-month anniversary, chanting, cheering and marching down Wall Street before returning to the park.

More than 100 officers pushed through the park crowd. Many protesters shouted and officers took out their batons after a demonstrator threw a glass bottle at a bus that police were using to detain more than a dozen protesters.

At least two people were loaded into ambulances.