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NYPD forces Occupy protesters out of Union Square

Andrew Kelly / Reuters

NYPD officers confront Occupy Wall Street protesters who are camping in Union Square in New York in the early hours of March 21, 2012.

Police confronted Occupy Wall Street protesters in New York's Union Square just after midnight on Wednesday morning, forcing them to vacate their newly-established camp in the park.

Officers, who cited a usually unenforced rule that the park be closed overnight, made one arrest, according to a report in The New York Post.

On Saturday, police detained 73 people after hundreds of Occupy supporters gathered in Zuccotti Park to mark six months since the start of the movement.

"What's the long-term plan here, NYPD? To close every park in NYC to the entire public forever? That'll go over well," tweeted activist Carrie M.

Andrew Kelly / Reuters

People affiliated with the OWS movement stand beneath a banner after being ordered to stop camping in Union Square on March 21, 2012.

Andrew Kelly / Reuters

A man affiliated with OWS yells at police officers before the NYPD confronted protesters in Union Square on March 21, 2012.