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Japan tsunami 'Ghost Ship' haunts Canada coast

Handout photo / Department of National Defence

A Japanese fishing boat that was lost at sea after the 2011 tsunami has been found off the coast of B.C.


Vancouver Sun reports:  VANCOUVER -- After being flushed out to sea by last year’s massive tsunami and earthquake, a Japanese squid-fishing boat has drifted across the Pacific Ocean and was about 120 nautical miles off British Columbia’s north coast Friday evening. The 150-foot ship was found drifting right-side-up about 140 nautical miles (260 km) from Cape Saint James, on the southern tip of Haida Gwaii.

“It’s been drifting across the Pacific for a year, so it’s pretty beat up,” said marine search coordinator Jeff Olsson of Victoria’s Joint Rescue Coordination Centre.

A ship unmoored by the 2011 tsunami has arrived near British Columbia's north coast. NBC's Brian Williams reports.



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