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Paraplegic athlete Mile Stojkoski's lonely road to London Olympics

Marko Djurica / Reuters

Macedonian paraplegic athlete Mile Stojkoski pushes himself on a highway during a marathon from his native town of Krusevo to the London Olympics, in Belgrade March 28, 2012. Stojkoski will travel from Macedonia to Britain in a marathon that covers a total of 2175 miles to raise awareness on people with disabilities.

More about Stojkoski's trip here.

Mile Stojkoski (Миле Стојкоски) is a Macedonian athlete and humanitarian known for going on long distance marathon runs in his wheelchair preceding the Summer Olympic Games. In 1996 he suffered a spinal injury from a car accident leaving him paraplegic, losing use of both his legs. After much emotional struggle and learning about living with his disability he got involved in sports and humanitarian nonprofit organizations. This eventually led him to focus on marathons in his wheelchair with primary goal to raise public awareness and funds in support of people with disabilities in Macedonia. Since 2004 he has gone on nine long distance runs, gaining public recognition and awards. He announced his next run to be in 2012 for the London Summer Olympics Games.


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