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Lindsay Lohan free of probation from drunk driving case

Left: David McNew / Pool | Right: Joe Klamar / Pool

LEFT: Actress Lindsay Lohan reacts beside her attorney Shawn Chapman Holley as Judge Marsha Revel rules that Lohan had violated her probation on a 2007 drunken driving charge in a Beverly Hills courtroom in July 2010. RIGHT: Today, Holley and Lohan react during a probation progress report hearing when Judge Stephanie Sautner decided to take Lohan off probation for the drunken driving case.

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In July 2010: When Lindsay Lohan was sentenced to 90 days jail for violating probation, the Hollywood starlet had a message written on the fingernail of her middle finger.

What a difference several years make. Today a Los Angeles judge lifted the formal probation that ruled Lindsay Lohan's life since a 2007 drunk driving arrest, but in July 2010, the actress was seen in the Beverly Hills courtroom pleading with her attorney, Shawn Holley, and flashing cameras expletives written across her fingernails.

Today, Lohan said that the judge's fairness "really opened a lot of doors for me," and the actress and Holley thanked the judge.

What's next for Lohan? The former "Parent Trap" child star is now on the comeback trail, with an upcoming guest part in TV musical "Glee" and a TV movie role as screen legend Elizabeth Taylor.

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Jonathan Alcorn / Reuters

Actress Lindsay Lohan departs the hearing in her DUI case at Airport Branch Courthouse in Los Angeles, Calif. on March 29, 2012.