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Battered baby dies after being born a girl

GRAPHIC WARNING: This post contains a graphic image which some viewers may find disturbing.

The Hindu reports: Ms. Reshma had said that her husband Umar Farook, who had wanted a boy child, had physically abused the child, and had attempted to kill her in the preceding days. When she was brought in she had suffered haemorrhages in her brain and retina, and had multiple bite marks on her thighs and cigarette burn marks on her body. Since Tuesday, Afreen, who was already on ventilator support, went into a semi-comatose state following two convulsions. Full story.

Aijaz Rahi / AP

Reshma Bano wails as she holds the body of her three-month-old daughter Neha Afreen outside a hospital morgue in Bangalore, India, Wednesday, April 11, 2012. Afreen was admitted in the hospital on April 8 after allegedly being battered by her father for being born a girl.

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