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Putting the 'mow' in motor sports: Racers fire up their rides in Germany

Carsten Rehder / EPA

A man competes in a ride-on mower race in Aukrug-Homfeld, Germany, April 14. Around a dozen teams compete with their modified ride-on mowers with up to 120 horsepower and top speeds of more than 60 mph.

What good is a lawn mower if it's buried behind the tangle of garden tools, the dog's outgrown crate, the exer-cycle with the missing seat, and all the other accumulations that the seasons change from storage to wreckage, from thriftiness to plain mess?

But if that mower seems useless, what if, like fanatics from England, Australia, and 45 of our own states, you remove the grass-cutting blades so that you can race your machine, thereby turning "a weekend chore into a competitive sport"? To paraphrase a few of the racers' spouses: "Only a man could come up with something like this."

-- Michael J. Rosen on Mower Racing World Championships, 2camels.com

Interested in firing up your own mower? Check out The United States Lawn Mower Racing Association.

Carsten Rehder / Zuma Press

Carsten Rehder / EPA