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North Korean military parade seen from outer space

DigitalGlobe via Reuters

A handout satellite image from DigitalGlobe taken on April 15 and released April 17 shows a military parade winding through the center of Pyongyang, North Korea. North Korea's Kim Jong Un delivered his first major public speech on April 15 as the impoverished state celebrated the centenary of its founder's birth, calling for a push to "final victory" despite a failed rocket launch two days earlier.

DigitalGlobe satellites captured North Korea's military parade held on April 15, marking the 100th anniversary of Kim Il-Sung’s birthday. It was an event that featured the first public address of the country's new leader and a display of their military.

Kim Jong-un, clad in black and the third of his line to rule North Korea, read monotonously from a script in Pyongyang's central square after goose-stepping soldiers and sailors showcased the North's military power in a parade in spring sunshine.

Smiling and joking with generals on a podium after the speech, Kim watched as the country's missiles paraded past, a reminder that despite Friday's embarrassing failure to successfully launch a rocket, North Korea packs a punch.


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When North Korea's new young leader spoke in public he surprised his own people and the world. Nothing like that had been seen or heard for years. Kim Jong Un's apparent openness was revolutionary, so too was his promise to end hunger. ITN's Angus Walker reports.

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