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Medical staff flee troubled Guinea-Bissau

Andre Kosters / EPA

A doctor tries to save a young boy suffering with malaria at the Simao Mendes hospital in Bissau, capital of the West African nation of Guinea-Bissau, on April 25. All image captured by EPA's Andre Kosters on April 25.

A mother holds her child after being treated at Simao Mendes Hospital.

A mother watches her child receiving medical treatment at Simao Mendes Hospital.

West African regional bloc ECOWAS plans to send more than 600 troops to Guinea-Bissau in coming days with orders to protect people and institutions after a military coup there earlier this month, a senior ECOWAS source said on Wednesday.

Reports state several doctors and nurses have fled the city making it a complicated to receive medical attention because of the action.

On April 12 a group of Guinean military personnel attacked the residence of Prime Minister and presidential candidate, Carlos Gomes Junior of PAIGC arresting him and the President. 

--EPA & Reuters contributed to this blog post.

Andre Kosters / EPA

A man waits for medical treatment at Simao Mendes Hospital..

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