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Lighter, quieter May Day protest moments

Emmanuel Dunand / AFP - Getty Images

An elderly woman waves as she finds herself caught ahead of an Occupy Wall Street May Day march down Fifth Ave. in New York on May 1.

Kimihiro Hoshino / AFP - Getty Images

Workers and activists rally on May Day.

The Occupy movement that began in the United States last year, spawning similar protests worldwide, announced widespread May Day demonstrations and strikes against social inequality Tuesday.

Even though arrests, pepper spray, and civil disobedience grabbed headlines and air waves around the world, photographers did manage to capture moments of humor, fun and quiet amid the sometimes violent protests.

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Dan Kitwood / Getty Images

An Anti-capitalist protester from the 'Occupy' movement lays in front of a police officer in Paternoster Square in London on May 1.

Mike Segar / Reuters

Occupy Wall Street protesters celebrate in Union Square park as they demonstrate in New York City on May 1.

Emmanuel Dunand / AFP - Getty Images

Occupy Wall Street partcipants gather to stage a May Day march at Bryant Park in New York on May 1.

Emmanuel Dunand / AFP - Getty Images

Some protesters chose to demonstrate more quietly during May Day celebrations in New York.

Mario Tama / Getty Images

Protesters affiliated with Occupy Wall Street march down Broadway in Manhattan towards Wall Street as a man dressed as Captain America stands in a window on May 1.

Eric Thayer / Getty Images

A protester holds a rose with a bubble on it in front of police at a rally for International Worker's Day on May 1 in Oakland, Calif.

In Oakland and Seattle the Occupy protests turned violent on May 1, the day that typically celebrates workers' rights. NBC's Brian Williams reports.