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The purrrr-fect cup of coffee at the cat cafe

Alexander Klein / AFP - Getty Images

A cat plays as people drink coffee at the Cafe Neko, in the city center of Vienna on May 7.

Leonhard Foeger / Reuters

Customers watch cat 'Moritz' sitting on a chair in Vienna's first cat cafe May 7.

Leonhard Foeger / Reuters

Cat 'Luca' sleeps in his basket as a waitress serves food to customers in Vienna's first cat cafe May 7. After three years of negotiations with city officials over hygiene issues, Austria opened its first cat cafe last Friday. 'Cafe Neko', "Neko" meaning cat in Japanese, was opened by Vienna resident Takako Ishimitsu, 47, from Japan. Customers can stroke and interact with their five feline hosts, named Sonja, Thomas, Moritz, Luca and Momo, who all came from an animal shelter and now freely roam about the cafe and take naps.

I would like to hang out at this cafe - there's nothing more relaxing than a cup of coffee and a purring cat.

AP reports: Owner Alexander Thuer tells the Austria Press Agency that the idea to combine coffee with cats comes from his Japanese wife, Takako Ishimitsu, who says such establishments are common in Asia — but rare in Europe.

But not all guests are welcome. Dogs, which have entry to most Viennese coffee houses, have to stay outside.