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Gaping jaws of ennui: the yawns of April

The wires are slow today, so we take a step back to see a universal behavior in different settings. Try not to yawn... 

Vadim Ghirda / AP

A hostess yawns while standing next to a Mercedes E Class Coupe at the Bucharest Auto Show in Bucharest, Romania, on April 4.

Keith Bedford / Reuters

A job seeker yawns as he waits in front of the training offices of Local Union 46, a union representing metallic lathers and reinforcing ironworkers, in the Queens borough of New York on April 30. Some 500 people who have waited in front of the offices for a week after the State Department of Labor and the union announced that they were looking to hire iron and wood apprentices were given forms to apply for the 50 available positions on Monday, according to the union.

Edgard Garrido / Reuters

A penitent yawns while resting on crosses to be used during a re-enactment of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ on Good Friday in Iztapalapa in Mexico City on April 6.

Jonathan Ernst / Reuters

A member of the audience yawns behind a copy of her program for the Franklin County Lincoln Day Dinner, where U.S. Republican presidential candidate and former Governor of Massachusetts Mitt Romney delivered remarks, in Greencastle, Pennsylvania on April 22

Keith Bedford / Reuters

A member of the Occupy Wall Street movement yawns after waking up from a night of sleeping on the street in front of the New York Stock Exchange in New York on April 13.

Stringer/Spain / Reuters

A young penitent yawns while taking part in a Holy Thursday procession at Palma de Mallorca, on the Spanish Balearic island of Mallorca on April 5. Hundreds of processions take place around the clock in Spain during Holy Week, drawing thousands of visitors.

Kevin Frayer / AP

An Indian boy yawns as he stands on a concrete block to get a better view while watching a procession for Mahavir Jayanti, in New Delhi, India on Thursday, April 5. The holiday celebrates the birth anniversary of Lord Mahavira, who created the defining rules of Jainism.

Garry Jones / AP

Kentucky Derby hopeful Daddy Nose Best yawns as he gets a bath outside Barn 38 at Churchill Downs in Louisville, Ky. on Monday, April 30.

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