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Syrian soldiers injured in explosion while escorting UN convoy

Louai Beshara / AFP - Getty Images

Wounded Syrian soldiers react following a roadside bomb attack that targeted their convoy as they escorted UN peace observers in the restive city of Daraa, Syria on May 9, 2012.

Louai Beshara / AFP - Getty Images

A Syrian army truck escorts the UN convoy just before the roadside bomb attack.

A roadside bomb hit a Syrian army convoy accompanying United Nations ceasefire observers in the southern province of Deraa on Wednesday, Reuters reports.

Activists and state media said the blast hit vehicles accompanying the U.N. monitors tasked with observing the implementation of Kofi Annan's April 12 ceasefire deal.

The pro-government Addounia television station said eight members of the security forces were wounded in the blast. It said the explosion happened in front of the U.N. observers, but there were no reports that any of them were hurt. Read the full story.

Muzaffar Salman / AP

A wounded Syrian soldier is carried by another vehicle to a hospital in Daraa.