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Manila fire victims cram into temporary shelter

Noel Celis / AFP - Getty Images

Victims of a fire rest at a relief complex in Manila on May 18. Some 1300 families temporarily live at the sports complex after a huge fire engulfed a shanty town destroying homes on May 11.

Pat Roque / AP

A government staff carries bowls of cooked food for distribution to the May 11 fire victims during a feeding program inside a sports gymnasium on May 18 in Manila, Philippines. Some one thousand fire victims from a squatter colony are temporarily housed at the sports gymnasium to receive relief items and free meals.

Last week thousands of families were left homeless after a huge fire swept through a shantytown in Manila, Philippines. The next day residents returned to their devastated homes to try and salvage what they could. The thousands of victims are now living in temporary housing provided by the government.

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