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Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood flexes muscles in push for presidency

Marco Longari / AFP - Getty Images

A supporter of Mohammed Mursi, the Muslim Brotherhood's candidate in Egypt's presidential election, at the party's last campaign rally for the presidential election in Cairo on May 20, 2012, the final day of campaigning.

Reuters reports — Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood showed off its ability to rally support with choreographed campaign events throughout the nation on Sunday in a final push to clinch victory for its candidate in this week's presidential election.

Egypt's first televised presidential debate thrills viewers

With official campaigning ending on Sunday, fireworks cracked in the night air and flames flared from the front of the stage as Brotherhood candidate Mohamed Mursi arrived to address the audience of several thousand gathered in central Cairo, outside Abdeen palace. 

Analysis by NBC News correspondent Ayman Mohyeldin: Chaos is pinned on military's incompetence 

Fredrik Persson / AP

Several hundred imams listen to Mohammed Mursi at a rally in Cairo on May 20, 2012. The May 23-24 presidential election is the first since last year's ouster of longtime authoritarian ruler Hosni Mubarak.

Mahmud Hams / AFP - Getty Images

Supporters of Mohammed Mursi attend the party's last campaign rally in Cairo on May 20, 2012.