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Make your own Olympic torch (at least it won't cost you $170,000)

Toby Melville / Reuters

Dan Kitwood / Getty Images

An Olympic torch is auctioned on eBay.

Crowds lined the streets of a small town in south west England on Monday as a locally-organized torch relay race was run ahead of the official Olympic parade.

Several enterprising locals took to the streets of Hatherleigh wielding their own homemade versions of the much-heralded torch.

Olympic torch lit by sun's rays at birthplace of Games

Some 8,000 runners are participating in the official torch relay, which will cover over 8,000 miles throughout England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland over the next ten weeks. 

The historic ritual only started Saturday, but by Sunday there were already several torches being auctioned on eBay with offers in excess of $170,000

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