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After bombing, somber Yemen marks National Day

Khaled Abdullah / Reuters

Police academy cadets stand at attention ahead of a parade marking the 22nd anniversary of Yemen's reunification in Sanaa on May 22, 2012.

Reuters reports — Yemeni soldiers marched in a National Day parade on Tuesday, watched from behind a bullet-proof glass shield by the president, in a show of defiance one day after a bomber killed more than 90 troops in an attack on the ceremony's rehearsal.

Khaled Abdullah / Reuters

Military cadets march during the parade.

Massacre: At least 90 killed as bomber targets military parade rehearsal

A somber mood hung over the event, meant to celebrate the 1990 unification of north and south Yemen, but it passed off without any repeat of Monday's bloodshed despite militant threats to carry out more attacks.

Stepped-up US assistance for Yemen makes it an inviting terrorist target

The bombing, one of the deadliest in Yemen in recent years, was a setback to the Gulf state in its battle against Islamists linked to al Qaeda and heightened U.S. concerns over a country in the front line of Washington's global war on militants. Read the full story.

Khaled Abdullah / Reuters

Yemen's President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi waves from behind a bullet-proof glass shield as he watches the parade.

Officials have said the attack is likely the work of al-Qaida. The terrorist network has grown in Yemen because the country hasn't had an effective government for an entire year. NBC's Richard Engel reports.