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Earthquake in Italy leaves thousands homeless

Marco Vasini / AP

A woman holds an umbrella to make shade for an elderly woman laying on a bench after she was evacuated from a nearby hospital, in Mirandola, Italy, on May 29. Factories, warehouses and churches collapsed, dealing a second blow to a region where thousands remained homeless from a previous earthquake.

Marco Vasini / AP

Elderly people lay on their beds after they were evacuated from the nearby hospital, after a powerful earthquake killed at least 16 people and injured 200 as it rocked a swath of northern Italy on May 29.

Olivier Morin / AFP - Getty Images

Elderly people walk in a temprorary emergency camp after an earthquake on May 29 in Mirandola, Italy.

A 5.8 tremor destroyed a number of buildings and killed at least 15 people. NBC's Jim Maceda reports.