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Mourning the loss of more lives in Syria

Robert King / Polaris

Members of the media center mourn the loss of their cameraman Abdalh Ameed Matar, who was killed in an attack earlier that day on May 31. The Syrian army launched a full scale attack on the city of Homs, Syria. Hundreds of rockets and many wounded and dead were treated inside a mobile field hospital clinic located in a city under siege. Two to three rockets hit the field hospital wounding a few medical volunteers. Despite the threat of being killed by mortar or rocket fire these volunteer doctors and nurses face arrested, torture, and certain death if they are captured by the Syrian regime. These doctors and nurses work under harsh conditions with little medical supplies that are smuggled into the city from Lebanon. Despite these odds the doctors and nurses are able to see over 100 patients per day and conduct life saving operations daily.

Robert King / Polaris

Residents of Al Qusayr in Homs,Syria gather for the funeral precession of 13 people killed in yesterday's assault on the town by Syrian forces. Among the dead was local camera man Abdelhamid Idris Matar who died while filming a Syrian tank advancing on the City of Qusayr. The dead were laid the rest in the Martyrs Cemetery on June 1.

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