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Space Shuttle Enterprise takes to the seas

The prototype space shuttle that arrived in New York City by air earlier this spring was on the move again, this time by sea.

"It brings a tear to your eye," said Richard Kaplan of Massapequa Park, one of the many spectators gathered near Queens' Cross Bay Bridge Sunday afternoon.

VIDEO: Space shuttle Enterprise sails towards Intrepid

The Enterprise gave New Yorkers much to admire in late April when it flew around New York City's most famous sites atop a 747 jet before landing at Kennedy. Its boat ride to the Intrepid Sunday also involved notable sites: cruising across New York Harbor, it passed the Marine Parkway-Gil Hodges Memorial Bridge, Coney Island, and went under the Verrazano Bridge before it docked at Port Elizabeth, N.J. "I would have been here at 2 in the morning if I knew the thing was going to be here," said Kaplan. "It's that important."

-- Reported by Jonathan Vigliotti NBCNewYork.com

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