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More views of Venus passing in front of the sun

Kevin Frayer / AP

A bird comes into land atop one of the domes of the landmark Taj Mahal as Venus, begins to pass in front of the sun, as visible from Agra, India, June 6.

Ali Jarekji / Reuters

The planet Venus is seen as a black dot projected onto a girl's forehead as it makes its transit across the sun, in Amman, Jordan, June 6.

Erik De Castro / Reuters

Filipino students use negative film strips to watch Venus passing between the sun and the earth in Silang, Cavite south of Manila June 6.

Nikolay Doychinov / AFP - Getty Images

The planet Venus, seen as a black dot in transit across the sun during sunrise in Sofia on June 6.

Hussein Malla / AP

A Lebanese man looks through a protective viewing filter to watch the transit of planet Venus moving across the sun in Beirut, Lebanon, June 6. People around the world turned their attention to the daytime sky on Tuesday and early Wednesday in Asia to make sure they caught the rare sight of the transit of Venus. The next one won't be for another 105 years.

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