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Shariah police in Indonesia's Aceh Province pull over female motorcyclists for wearing tight jeans

Hotli Simanjuntak / EPA

Sharia Islamic police stop women on motorcycles for wearing tight jeans, during a Sharia law police raid in Banda Aceh, Indonesia on Thursday. Shops in Indonesia's Aceh province, where Islamic law is in force, will soon be banned from selling tight-fitting clothes, an official said on June 7. The announcement was made after religious police in the provincial capital, Banda Aceh, stopped and reprimanded more than 50 women and three men for violating the Islamic dress code, including wearing tight clothing and shorts.

Hotli Simanjuntak / EPA

A Sharia policeman (L) lectures some women who were arrested for wearing tight jeans, during a Sharia law police Islamic raid in Banda Aceh, Indonesia.

The Independent Online reports on a similar recent incident in which Sharia police in Aceh targeted women wearing shorts and tight pants:

Novi Yanti, a university student, said she protested because she was stopped and got an earful for wearing jeans, but her complaint was ignored.

“What have I done wrong? It's as if they had no important things to do,” she said. “They had better deal with corruption.”

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