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Bridegroom shot dead at wedding in Thailand

GRAPHIC WARNING: This post contains a graphic image that some viewers may find disturbing. 

A Thai bridegroom was shot dead at his wedding in front of his bride and 100 stunned guests, The Bangkok Post reports:

Yutthana Juyure, 27, the bridegroom and his bride Nurasatilah Masae were walking around talking to guests and posing for photographs.

The bridegroom, at one point, walked away from his bride to meet some guests eating under a tent nearby. While walking back, he was followed closely by a man who shot him six times in the body with a 9mm gun at close range, killing him on the spot.



Nurasatilah Masae standing in front of her bridegroom who was shot dead during their wedding in the Muslim majority province of Pattani, southern Thailand, on June 10, 2012. The groom was shot dead in the presence of his bride and more than 100 guests, and the gunman then fled, police said.