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Faces of the fans at Euro 2012 soccer tournament

AFP - Getty Images

Pictures taken in June 2012 shows supporters from various countries during the Euro 2012 soccer championships.

Reuters reports -- Germany are blazing a trail, leaving awed competitors in their wake. Greece are perilously close to the exit.

It could be the euro zone, but this is Euro 2012.

Even at Europe's biggest international soccer tournament, it is hard to get away from the debt crisis afflicting some of the countries playing in the 16-nation competition.

Politicians from indebted countries such as Greece, Spain, Italy, Ireland and Portugal hope success on the pitch might - at least for a while - deflect attention from unemployment, homelessness and failing banks.

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Gerry Penny / EPA

A Croatian supporter is seen before the Group C preliminary round match of the UEFA EURO 2012 between Italy and Croatia in Poznan, Poland, on June 14.