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Record high temperatures to greet summer solstice

Jim Weber / The Commercial Appeal via Zuma Press

Solomon Hightower does a face-plant into the refreshing pool at Charlie Morris Aquatic Center in Memphis on June 19.

Summer in the northern hemisphere officially begins on Wednesday when the sun will arrive at its northernmost point in the sky as thermometers are expected to reach 100 degrees in the northeastern United States.

"You're talking about almost 15 degrees above normal," said Kristin Kline, a weather service meteorologist in Mount Holly, N.J.

Normally, the high for Philadelphia at this time of year is about 84 degrees - closer to Wednesday's predicted low of 80 degrees. The city's highs in the next couple of days could break decades-old records of 98 degrees, set in 1931, and 99, set in 1923.

-- The Associated Press


Celebrating the warm summer months, as schools let out and the cooling off begins