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Islamist Mohammed Morsi, leader of Muslim Brotherhood, wins Egypt election

Mohamed Messara / EPA

Egyptian supporters of Presidential candidate Mohammed Morsi celebrate after the presidential election committee announced his victory, in Tahrir square, Egypt, June 24. The Muslim Brotherhood's Mohammed Morsi became Egypt's first freely elected president, the election commission said, sparking mass celebrations in Cairo where tens of thousands of his supporters had gathered. Morsi, an engineering professor, won 51.73 per cent of votes in the June 16-17 presidential run-off, commission head Farouk Sultan said.

Thousands of Brotherhood supporters burst into cheers on Cairo's Tahrir Square, waving national flags and chanting "Allahu Akbar!" or God is Great, greeting a dramatic victory. Morsi will be sworn in on July 1, according to the election timetable.

Morsi, a 60-year-old, U.S.-educated engineer who spent time in jail under Mubarak, won the first round ballot in May with a little under a quarter of the vote. He has pledged to form an inclusive government to appeal to the many Egyptians, including a large Christian minority, who are anxious over religious rule.

-- Reported by NBC News and msnbc.com news services

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Bernat Armangue / AP

Egyptian supporters of former presidential candidate Ahmed Shafiq react after hearing the final results of the elections in Cairo, Egypt, June 24.