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'Peanut man' takes advantage of Cuban economic reforms

Enrique De La Osa / Reuters

Raul Perez Sanchez closes a peanut sale.

Perez Sanchez, 80, retired from his job as cook in the University of Havana for which he receives a state pension of 200 Cuban pesos, or about 8 dollars per month, is one of the many taking advantage of the country's economic reforms that now allow small entrepreneurs such as street vendors to operate for the first time. Perez Sanchez makes an average of 2-3 dollars per day selling the nuts, which after paying a monthly tax of 6 dollars to the government, takes the rest home to his family of seven daughters and 11 grandchildren.

Cuban pensioner, Raul Perez Sanchez, nicknamed the "peanut man."

Enrique De La Osa / Reuters

Raul Perez Sanchez packs roasted peanuts in paper cones to sell on the streets, in his home in Old Havana.

Enrique De La Osa / Reuters

Sanchez walks to work in Old Havana.

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