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Finding relief from the heat in Washington, DC

Jacquelyn Martin / AP

De-Ashia Buchanan, 7, of Washington D.C., enjoys an inflated pool during the seventh annual block party on Newton Street, during record heat with temperatures in the triple digits, July 7.

Jim Lo Scalzo / EPA

Patrick Kirwin holds his daughter Nandini beneath a water mister at the National Zoo as temperatures surpass the 95 degree Fahrenheit (35 degrees Celcius) mark for the tenth straight day in Washington D.C., July 7. The massive heat wave, which has broken thousands of temperature records in the mid-Atlantic states, is expected to crest today with temperatures in DC reaching 105 degrees Fahrenheit.

Miguel Llanos, msnbc.com reports: The heat wave shifting east comes after last weekend's storms that left millions without power. Hundreds of thousands still don't have electricity back.

Moreover, since the first round of extreme heat two weeks ago, at least 46 deaths have been tied to the high temperatures, according to a list compiled by the Weather Channel.

On Saturday, Washington, D.C., could break it's all-time record of 106 degrees, the Weather Channel reported. So could Pittsburgh (103) and Louisville, Ky., (107), it added.  Full story.

How are you coping with the heat?