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Three African migrants hurt in Israel arson attack

Abir Sultan / EPA

A relative of an Eritrean immigrant family looks at the damage in their burned apartment in Jerusalem on July 12, 2012.

Abir Sultan / EPA

The burned apartment inhabited by an Eritrean family in central Jerusalem, Israel, seen on July 12, 2012 after suspected arsonists set it on fire during the night. A 40 year old man was badly burned and two others including his wife, 24 years old and seven months pregnant, suffered from smoke inhalation.

Reuters reports — Unidentified arsonists set fire on Thursday to the Jerusalem home of Eritrean migrants, injuring three in what Israeli police said appeared to have been a racist attack.

Street violence has surged in recent months against Africans who cross, without permits, into Israel across the porous Egyptian border in search of work or asylum. Read the full story.

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