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Tornadoes tear into homes in Poland

Adam Warzawa / EPA

The remains of a damaged house after a tornado hit Wycinki village, Poland. The south-eastern part of Poland has been hit by a whirlwind on Saturday that tore off the roofs of buildings, destroyed power poles and a cottage (shows in the picture), killing a man inside and injuring four others.

Agencja Gazeta / Reuters

A cow stands inside a destroyed barn following a tornado in the village of Osia on Sunday. A freak wave of tornadoes ripped through northern Poland, wrecking houses and swathes of forest and leaving one person dead and another 10 injured.

Reuters reports that the scope and power of Sunday's tornadoes was unusual for Europe:

"I saw a black column coming our way," an injured inhabitant of the Wycinki village, whose farm was destroyed by the tornado told state television. "It carried everything away with it ... birds, debris, sucked up water from the lake."

A caravan with a family of three inside was seen flying through the air in the village of Stara Rzeka and breaking into pieces upon landing, but its occupants suffered no serious injuries, news channel TVN24 reported.

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