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Panoramic image: At home in a retired Boeing 727

Above, Bruce Campbell relaxes in the Boeing 727-200 that he converted to a home in rural Hillsboro, Oregon. Campbell bought the used airplane from Olympic Airways, and had it flown from Athens, Greece to Portland-Hillsboro Airport. He removed the wings before towing the fuselage to his property and reattaching the wings there. (John Brecher / msnbc.com)

John Brecher / msnbc.com

The rear staircase serves as the main entry to the home, which is sited in a former walnut orchard. 

John Brecher / NBCNews.com

Bill Briggs reports in the Bottom Line blog that Campbell won't subdivide the interior into rooms, as he thinks planes work well just they way they are:

“Aircraft are flying homes for people,” Campbell said. “They stay in the sky sometimes for 12 to 14 hours at a time and people have to eat and use the toilet and do almost everything else we normally do -- and all of those facilities are in there. They’re built along with lighting and climate control, everything.

“What I’m trying to demonstrate is that the conversion process can be really very simple and straightforward. If people want something different (inside), they can always redecorate.”

See more images inside and out of Cambpell's converted airplane home in this slideshow.  And for even more information, see his project's website at AirplaneHome.com.

John Brecher / msnbc.com

Built in 1969, the airplane made 43,000 flights for Olympic Airways in Greece before Campbell acquired it. This image was stitched from three frames.

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