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Tenerife forest fire darkens sky over island

Desiree Martin / AFP - Getty Images

Photo taken on July 17, shows dark clouds of smoke billowing from a wildfire over the town of Tijoco Bajo, on the Spanish Canary island of Tenerife. A forest fire raging on the Spanish island reached the edge of a major tourist park on July 16, spewing thick smoke and red sparks. The fire broke out on July 15, 2012, prompting emergency services to evacuate 90 villagers from their homes overnight, and has spread over 1,800 hectares (2,700 acres), the regional government said.

Andres Gutierrez / AP

Trees burn near to a house in a forest fire near Vilaflor, Tenerife, Spain, on Tuesday July 17. Two wildfires in the Canary Islands Tuesday threatened two natural parks in one of the most important tourist archipelago from Spain off the West African coast.

Cristobal Garcia / EPA

A helicopter tries to extinguish a fire in Vinaflor village, southern Tenerife island, the Canary Islands, Spain, on July 17. The forest fire registred late afternoon on July 15 forced the evacuation of four towns and risking a nature reserve.