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Honduran government evicts shanty town

A girl cries as her home and neighboring shanty town is forcefully dismantled after the Honduras government claimed the settlement illegal in Tegucigalpa on July 20, 2012.

By Spencer Platt / Getty Images

Land disputes are becoming increasingly frequent in Honduras. This trend alarms the nation's business class and sows fear of increased political violence. In a nation where 72 percent of the poorest landowners hold only 11.6 percent of cultivated land, tensions are rising as the poor have few places to go and little opportunities for productive employment.

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A man dismantles his shack during an eviction on July 20.

A woman dismantles her shack as military personnel move through during an eviction on July 20.

A woman is carried after fainting as her home and neighborhood are forcefully dismantled in a shanty town eviction on July 20.

Residents dismantle their shack during an eviction on July 20.

Honduran army personnel watch as residents dismantle their shacks during an eviction on July 20.

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