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Australian sub torpedoes former US warship in live-fire exercise off Hawaii

Australian Department Of Defence via EPA

Former United States Navy ship Kilauea breaking apart and sinking following a torpedo attack from the Australian Collins Class submarine HMAS Farncomb, on the Pacific Missile Range Facility off Hawaii during the RIMPAC 2012 exercise. Photo made available to NBC News on July 24, 2012.

An Australian submarine sunk a former U.S. warship with a torpedo attack off Hawaii on Sunday as part of the world's largest international maritime exercise.

HMAS Farncomb fired a Mark 48 Torpedo into the Kilauea's hull, striking the ship below the bridge. 

The Kilauea was an ammunition ship commissioned in August 1968, decommissioned and transferred to MSC in October 1980 and deactivated in September 2008.

The Associated Press reported earlier this month that the Navy was resuming its practice of using old warships for target practice and sinking them in U.S. coastal waters after a nearly two-year moratorium spurred by environmental and cost concerns.

U.S. Navy

The ex-USS Kilauea (T-AE-26) was sunk in waters 15,480 feet deep, 63 miles off the coast of Kauai.

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